The Purge

by Cody Moore

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This is my Solo Death Metal Album.


released January 17, 2016

Justin Phelps (Engineer) at Hallowed Halls Studios



all rights reserved


Cathartic Portland, Oregon

Im based out of Portland Oregon and love to shred the best I can. this album is one of my pride and Joy's so have a good time and listen hard! theres also lyrics provided for you to follow along

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Track Name: Jekyll & Hide
As the Pressure of the serpent takes my breath away. I feel the urge to conquer but is it too late. With every squeeze I feel my clock is ticking im running out of strength my life is ending

I've given this monstrosity my will to live i've had enough theres no more left for me to give its dragged me down for far too long this is good bye its time to move on put the past behind.
Track Name: The Purge
I can feel the Heaviness
will you feel it with me
this heaviness surrounds my assistance
was i born to bear the weight of what remains within this torture cell

Can you feel my heaviness
im sure its much like yours
dont try to resist it dont run and hide

its time to purge the anger purge whats inside purge all the hatred purge for you cant hide what lies within.
Track Name: Answers of Silence
I wait ever so patiently for an answer.
I see as time passes by
the answers not coming
im on my own
Track Name: Lockdown
My screams pierce the depths within but my lips remain in silence. to traverse the existing plains within the construct of my mind is a chasm with no end.

The gate has slammed the window closed. i am trapped within i'm now alone with time to ponder the escape that will begin

I see no end in sight
i've searched the stars for answers
yet remain still in silence with
empty hands and an empty heart.
Track Name: The Dwelling
Unknown its lurking in the depths within, I have numbed for so long so it could not exist. Like a bomb this pain has waited for its time i'm about to explode but there's no place to run and hide. For years i have endured everyday this sickness takes my life away to a place of pure desolation a mutated aberration.

each day has hastened into madness i bleed a sorrow unknown like a rose without water i wait to die.
each day has hastened into madness i bleed a sorrow unknown falling deeper and deeper deeper.

my days are hollow my heart is cold encased in stone
its time to take a hammer to the heart and spill whats inside. remove the heart to find a lifeless cadaver, the need to bleed is my necessity

I'm bleeding out
I'm bleeding out
I'm bleeding out
I'm bleeding out